A Collection Of Unplagiarized Topics For The Best Essay

When the time for the written assignments comes, it becomes really important to choose the topic of interest. It’s the first as well as the most important step of your writing, and, even if it seems easy enough, it determines how the whole process will go. If you choose something you like, there is a high chance it will be the best essay and the easiest one for you.

However, even after you choose the topic you still might feel the need of getting some essay help, and it’s totally okay. You have to make up a plan for your work and stick to it if you want to be productive and finish everything on time. As any professional assignment writer, you have to discipline yourself and never wait for the motivation.

Top 8 Great Essay Topics for College Essays

  1. The correlation between the political ideology and the level of income in your country.
  2. Is there anything suspicious if you look at the data and can you say that there is a party of the poor and the party of the rich? What about the middle class?

  3. The success or the failure of the war on drugs.
  4. It has been declared a failure, but what do you think of the program and its implementation? What about the recreational drugs or the ones used for the medical conditions? What about the Legalize movements? Check the crime rates before the policy’s implementation and after.

  5. LGBT marriage and Judiciary branch.
  6. What were the arguments coming from judges for and against the legalization and what is your personal opinion about it? It can be quite a controversial topic for many of the British essay writers, but it’s the interesting thing to talk about.

  7. The case of the freedom of the press.
  8. This is the fascinating topic if you look at the recent EU regulations or the cases with the social networks and the ban on so-called hate speech. Can there ever be the unrestricted right of the speech and is it a good thing?

  9. Corruption as the stopping point of the countries.
  10. There are huge levels of corruption is so many countries and what could be done to it? How does it hurt the country and what are the most common policies for it?

  11. The case of the artificial intelligence and the danger coming from it.
  12. This is a nice topic and people are still talking about it. You can find a lot of authors and the famous people who talked about it, so there would be plenty of resources and opinions.

  13. Robotics in the industry and the unemployment rates.
  14. This is an interesting thing too and so many people in so many countries are terrified of the robotics and its developments. There is a risk that many jobs the living people do today won’t be needed anymore.

  15. Beggary and how to fix it.
  16. This is a problem of the big cities mostly and there have been so many tries to stop it. Yet it’s still there. How can people fix the issue?


If you follow the advice and leave yourself enough time and choose the topic you really like to research and write on, you’ll be good to go. It’s important to do the work right from the very beginning and you definitely should do everything to make the writing easy for yourself. Also, try to look for the topic that you could need in the future so you already have some idea about it later.